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A Little More About Myself...

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This page includes a little about myself and my interests other than pygmy goats and maple syrup!

I just finished up my sophomore year in college. This fall I plan to transfer to SIUC majoring in Conservation/Natural Resources.  I would really like to work for the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources or something similar to that. 
Most of my free time is spent with my boyfriend, Brandon Murray.  Right now he is at Camp Pendleton in California (School of Infantry).  His graduation date is June 29 and I am looking forward to him being back for a while! 
I also enjoy scrapbooking, gardening, traveling, going to country music concerts, and spending time with my family.  I work at Menards in the Garden Center and I really like it a lot. 


During our time in San Diego, we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo on Friday after Brandon's graduation.  Friday night we packed into the car and headed to 'Old Town' to eat; we ate at a fun Mexican restaraunt in historic downtown. 
On Saturday, we toured the U.S. Midway, a battleship that was used by the Navy for many years.  After that we headed for the beach!  At Mission Beach, we waded in the freezing water, worked on our sunburns, chased giant seagulls, and shopped on the boardwalk.  It was a fun trip, but the best part was getting to bring Brandon back to Illinois with us for his 10 day leave! 

Graduation Day!

April 15, 2005

After 13 weeks of rigorous training, Brandon was finally done with boot camp!  Me, my mom, Brandon's parents (Dave & Cindy) and his sister Taylor all went to San Diego for graduation. 


Pfc. Brandon Murray

Brandon was promoted to Private First Class during his time at MCRD.  Less than one third of his platoon received this promotion.  This was a big honor for Brandon, because he received it for being the most improved recruit in his platoon.


Above is a picture of Brandon at the Eagle Globe and Anchor Ceremony.  This is the first time that we got a good look at our new Marine!  The EGA ceremony is the first time that they are called Marines.  It is a very neat event to witness.  Brandon is the third Marine back in the second row from the right.  There were over 350 men who became Marines that day!  We are all proud of Brandon for serving his country.

Lexie Caraway
Maple Hill Pygmy Goats
Altamont, IL